Thriev platform addresses twin problems

- Inefficiencies of personal transportation, resulting in both costs and inconvenience
- High level of vehicular emissions in densely populated mega-cities


 Solution developed with live trials in zero emission electric vehicles

- 2.6m electric miles
- 50 EV, over 700 drivers using on shared basis
- 1m kWh of electricity used 


Thriev platform will totally transforms the personal mobility in cities to zero emission vehicles used on shared basis. It delivers the following:

- Zero tail pipe emissions, massively improving your local environment where you family and friends live.
- Improved safety with state of the art auto-pilot cars
- Reduced car ownership – saving costs and congestions
- Prepares the city for the fully autonomous driving future   


Thriev is also innovating on the company of the future. It would spread, through equity participation, benefit of wealth creation with its partners and users – creating both green jobs and wealth. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey, whether you are an individual or a socially conscious company which feels passionately about well being of  local communities.  

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