Plug into a new way of thinking.

  • We are 100% committed to protecting the environment and people of London from harmful pollution.
  • We expect all employees to understand and support the need for Thriev in the community.
  • Good communication and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.
  • We encourage everybody to develop, grow, and share their experiences.

  • Partners who demonstrate leadership and creativity will be rewarded and recognised for their efforts.

You will gain valuable skills in several areas of the company, including customer service, sales and marketing, and IT systems. You will be given full training and in the future you will have the opportunity to transfer the skills you’ve and put it towards your own business.

We seek people who can work on their own as well as in a team environment. When you work at Thriev you're working towards a cleaner environment. The competitive pay, flexible hours, and fun, friendly atmosphere are among the many benefits our employees receive when they join the team.

If you are a PCO Licensed Driver, please visit our Drive With Thriev page for more information. To view all other openings at Thriev, see our Careers Site

What our team has been saying:

"As a Thriev chauffeur, I'm very proud to pick our clients up in an exclusive fleet of electric cars. Since the most up to date technology is doing all the hard work, I'm given the chance to focus on providing a great customer experience, which gives me a high level of job satisfaction. With our constant improvements things are only going to get better, so I encourage all to join us in reducing the carbon emission levels in London making it a much cleaner place to be."

- Murshad Ali

"I'm happy working for Thriev because it is the first 100% zero emission company in the UK. Also there is no rental fee or insurance hassles, and most importantly the clients are extremely happy while in the car because it's so quiet and comfortable."

- Greg Abdullahi


"One of the major benefits of working at Thriev is that there are no deposits or any other upfront costs as a PCO driver, you just start and earn. The friendly and cooperative dispatchers and administration staff make working enjoyable. There is also flexibility regarding working schedules, a secure monthly income and higher earning potentials available."

- Kamen Shishkov


"I think that some benefits of working with Thriev can be having the opportunity of driving an electric car. To me it's a new interesting experience. The car is comfortable, with an automatic transmission and an automatic heating system. The job environment is young, friendly and helpful."

- Nicola Lupi